H-1081 BP. NÉPSZÍNHÁZ U. 45.

About Us

In the summer of 2016, the Maltese Care Nonprofit Ltd., under the aegis of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, launched a labour market integration project called MMIA (Refugee, Migration and Integration Fund), "Work for You!” in which the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior acts as a collaborator organization.

The aim of the project is to create a complex labour market service that significantly contributes to improving the employability and integration of third-country nationals holding an international protected status (refugee/subsidiary protected status) and/or possess residence permit and rights in Hungary, into the labour market.

During the implementation of the project we carry out the following activities:

Accessing our target group with information about the program, establishing personal relationships, providing extensive information and collaborating for the employment. Strengthening the competences required for finding, obtaining and maintaining a job, supporting self-representation, assistance in administration, access to work, acquire personal proficiency in the workplace protocols, and act as mediators between the job provider and the job seeker/fresh entrant. Contacting potential employers, informing them of the employment conditions of the target group, filling the mediation role before and after employment.

  • Developing a 50-hour accredited training program to improve the employability of the target group to increase the participants' activity and motivation, effectively transfer labor market norms, rules, manage cultural differences and mediate employer expectations.
  • Based on individual circumstances, providing personal consultations for clients in order to obtain legal, gainful activity.
  • Methodological description of the model of labour market service specifically designed for the target group, and implementation and maintenance of a workshop conference for those interested in the results.

The main venue for the implementation is in the 8th district of Budapest (Népszínház utca 45.). This office is the main arena and base for providing general information and basic mentoring tasks, conducting a training program, and negotiating with employers.

In the field of employer relationship building, we have received a concrete job offer from several organizations and we are discussing potential positions with many of them.
We are constantly building and maintaining contact with other organizations assisting refugees, and third-country nationals.